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Ask the Founders

Styling tips and tricks from fashion veterans

Welcome to our weekly Women Who Dress series, where we sit down with inspiring women from all across the country to talk about their career, lifestyle and dressing up.

  • Alison Bruhn & Delia Folk

    Alison Bruhn & Delia Folk

    To celebrate Mother's Day, we had the pleasure of interviewing Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk, a mother-daughter duo who co-founded The Style That Binds Us. Their...

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  • Monique Kelley

    Monique Kelley

    Monique Kelley is the high-powered Hollywood player and blogger behind the popular site, Confessions Of A Serial Dater in LA. She initially chronicled the trials & travails...

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  • Alexa Persico

    Alexa Persico

    Alexa Persico is the CEO & Founder of Alexa Persico Cosmetics. Since founding the company, the brand has had multiple products go viral on Social Media. Alexa started...

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  • Barrett Worthington & Megan Charity

    Barrett Worthington & Megan Charity

    The dynamic duo, Barrett Worthington and Megan Charity are both life partners and co-founders of RALLY.  Barrett, a University of...

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  • Cleo Davis-Urman

    Cleo Davis-Urman

    Cleo Davis Urman is a jack of all trades. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NYC based stylist and party planner extraordinaire launched her wellness brand, BarriĂ©re—selling everything from...

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  • Kat Garcia

    Kat Garcia

    Kat Garcia (Kathleen Garcia-Manjarres) is the co-founder & co-CEO of Cheres. She previously invested, built, and scaled fintechs alongside some of the world's most influential companies...

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  • Ali Kaminetsky

    Ali Kaminetsky

    Ali Kaminetsky is a founder and CEO of Modern Picnic, a lunch bag company for women. Modern Picnic provides working women with a chic alternative to the traditional lunchbox with an...

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  • Esther Ayorinde

    Esther Ayorinde

    “Serial Intra-preneur” turned Entrepreneur with a passion for tech, health, and humans. Esther Ayorinde Iyamu is Founder of GrowthQ, the for mentorship, diverse interviewer-SaaS, and...

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  • Genesis Suero

    Genesis Suero

     Génesis Suero is a successful television personality and property expert who helps buyers and sellers throughout New York City achieve their real estate dreams. She was...

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  • Gigi Robinson

    Gigi Robinson

    Gigi is a creator, educator, and speaker on the topics of mental health and chronic illness. When she is not in front of...

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  • Emily Turner

    Emily Turner

    Emily Turner is a singer, song writer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Applegate, Oregon. Spanning across genres from Americana, folk, indie, jazz, reggae, hip hop, electronica and...

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  • Marya Khalil-Otto

    Marya Khalil-Otto

    As the VI Peel's first patient and the company's President and CEO, Marya strives to bring practical and affordable medical-grade skincare to the world! She's inspired to see...

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