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Cynthia Bailey & Noelle Robinson

Cynthia Bailey & Noelle Robinson

We'd never show up to Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed, so that’s why we are bringing the dish: an exclusive interview with celebrity mother-daughter duo Cynthia Bailey and Noelle Robinson, discussing style, entertainment, and the holidays. You might know Cynthia from her days as a reality TV star on the Real Housewives of Atlanta or maybe you’re a fan of Noelle’s viral TikToks. Take a pie break and check out their exclusive Women Who Dress interview.
Happy Thanksgiving––from our family at ONE33 Social, to yours.

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You've described your life in three acts: first a fashion model, then a TV personality, and finally an actress.  Can you tell us about your journey and how you've mastered the art of pivoting? 

Cynthia: My journey has been incredible. I divided my life into acts because I feel like I am still writing my story. My favorite act will always be Cynthia the model because that was the beginning and the hardest. Without act one, I could’ve never made it to act three. I am self-made & I went from having nothing to creating the life that I always dreamed of. I have mastered the art of pivoting simply because I believe in myself. I am not afraid to put myself out there & most importantly, I put in the work. I believe in reinvention & transition. When you know your purpose & continuously walk towards it, you are not afraid to pivot & make big moves. It is all a part of your journey. 

What an incredible journey to also pivot from a very successful modeling career to becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own modeling agency.  Did you see the business in a new light after that, and/or did your extensive modeling history better serve you in managing other upcoming models' careers?

CynthiaAs a model, although I had an agent, I learned early on that I had to be the one to sell myself. No one can sell Cynthia more than Cynthia. My agent could get me in the room, but I knew the only thing that could keep me in those rooms was my ambition, commitment, dedication, and hard work. Therefore, I’m always considered myself an entrepreneur. I didn’t own the agency, but I owned Cynthia Bailey, and I knew how to make people want to be in business with Cynthia Bailey. My modeling expertise organically inspired me to open up The Bailey Agency School of Fashion. I was always getting inquiries about how to get into the modeling industry, so I decided to make it a business. I truly enjoyed my career as a model; however, I think I’ve gotten the most pleasure out of watching some of my students that have come through my school have modeling and acting success. It’s one thing to change my life, but it is truly amazing to be able to change someone else’s. 

You're also now pursuing a career in the limelight as an actress/model/influencer.  How has growing up with a mother in the industry affected those aspirations?

Noelle: I definitely think being introduced to the limelight at such a young age definitely gave me a lot of the confidence and ambition I have now towards pursuing my goals in the entertainment industry. I also am so grateful to have a mother that’s been such an amazing role model and example of how to thrive and pursue your goals in the entertainment industry while staying true to your values as a person. 

What advice would you give to young women looking to get their start in the entertainment and fashion industries?

Cynthia: I would advise them to make sure that they are truly passionate about it. The Entertainment and Fashion Industry is very competitive, and you will definitely hear more no’s than yes’s (especially in the beginning), so you have to be strong, and you have to really want it. 

Given your extensive career in the entertainment industry, including TV, movies, and reality shows, what would you say was your favorite experience and why?       

Cynthia: Favorite experience is reality television. Cynthia, the reality star, made me famous & a household name.  It gave me the platform to build other businesses. The exposure from being on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta completely changed the game for me.

Do you still keep in touch with any of your fellow castmates of Real Housewives of Atlanta?   

Cynthia: Yes, I do! I still communicate with all of them, but I am the closest to Kandi, Eva & Kenya. I love all of those ladies and consider them sisters.

How would you each describe the other's sense of style?  Does it contrast or compliment your own? 

Cynthia: Noelle and I both have classic and timeless style. I’ve never been one to follow trends, I set my own. My “go to” color is black because I think it works in any situation and always looks so chic. However, I am experimenting with color! I have incorporated lots of yellows and reds into my wardrobe. I also love wearing metallics. Gold and silver have become a favorite.

Noelle: I would definitely describe my mom’s style as more chic, simple, and classy. I would describe my style as simple, floral, and flirty. As I get older, I’ve started to adopt more of my mom’s fashion sense in the attitude that less is more. I try to go for a more sophisticated and minimalistic look these days. The season I see our fashion sense differ the most is summer because I can never wear a nice floral summer dress too much. I especially love the collection of summer dresses ONE33 Social carries. 

ONE33 Social: Thank you for the huge compliment. 

What's one piece you would steal from the other's wardrobe? 

Cynthia: We steal each other’s handbags all the time. Because of the size difference, we can’t fit each other’s clothes and shoes, but we definitely share accessories and handbags.

Noelle: I would definitely steal my mother’s black leather skirts as they can pair with so many cute outfits.  

What advice would you give to someone looking to define their own unique sense of style? 

Cynthia: Keep it simple. Less is definitely more! Also focus on your personal style & looks that work for you as opposed to following trends.

Noelle:  I would say refrain from focusing on what is trendy. I would recommend experimenting with different styles until you are able to cultivate a certain style that you look and feel your best in, as well as a style you feel represents you the best. 

On this Thanksgiving day, or on what we love to call "Glamsgiving" with this fabulous duo, does your family have any favorite holiday traditions?  What are you particularly grateful for this year? 

 Cynthia: As a family, we just enjoy actually being able to spend time together with everyone’s busy schedules. We cook, play board games, sip cocktails, and mostly laugh together on thanksgiving. 

The thing that I am most grateful for is my family. Especially Noelle. Noelle is my everything.

Noelle:  Spending thanksgiving with my family is my absolute favorite part of the holiday season. We have a tradition of everyone bringing their specialty dishes. I’m super grateful that all of my family and loved ones around me are healthy and happy! I’m also grateful for all of the amazing memories I made since last Thanksgiving and I’m excited for more to come. 

Will you be making any particular favorite dish today?  Is it a family recipe?  Please tell us about its history.

Noelle: Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of cooking comfort food just yet, but I will be watching closely as my mom and grandmother cook so I can prepare something of my own in the upcoming years. 

Cynthia Bailey

Where are you two celebrating today, and how many people will be there?  Is this a large family affair?  And of course, we must know, is everyone in the family always as dressed up as you and your mother?

Noelle: We will be celebrating in Atlanta Georgia at my mom‘s beautiful Lake house. Everyone in the family definitely has their own personal style but I think we are probably some of the family members that are the most focused on fashion. 

As the fashionable trendsetter you clearly are, what about ONE33 Social attracted you to the brand and/or our dresses the first time you wore them?

Noelle: One of the characteristics that truly made me fall in love with ONE33Social was how high quality the clothing was and how confident I feel wearing it as a result. They have a range of staple pieces that every fashionista should have in their closet along with some beautiful statement pieces that would turn heads at any special occasion. 

Have you ever considered collaborating on a project?  Is there anything we can look forward to in the future? 

Cynthia: Absolutely! We just recently did a movie together, a TV show & and tons of social media collabs. We are in talks of doing a podcast together as well. You will be seeing a lot of Noelle and I working together in the future. I love our mom/daughter dynamic. We are the perfect Duo.  

Noelle:  Yes, we have a lot of fun projects and collaborating that will be released in the upcoming year. I already spend alot of time with my mom, so it’s been a really amazing experience being able to collaborate on so many things this year and I’m excited to announce them at the top of next year.