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Mariah HuQ

Mariah HuQ

Wife, mom of two, a dynamic former Public Affairs news anchor and producer, creator and executive producer of Bravo's "Married to Medicine", entrepreneur, and TV host.
Mariah began her career as a news editor and host of a lifestyle show before pivoting into pharmaceutical and medical device sales. She later married Dr. Aydin HuQ, with whom she has two children. Mariah made history by being the first African American woman to create, executive produce and star in a franchise on Bravo, NBC Universal’s hit series "Married to Medicine", showcasing her talent both on-screen and behind the scenes.
Mariah's latest venture, Sleek Media Studios is a cutting-edge TV production, podcast, and coworking space aimed at revolutionizing media and creativity. With her new podcast, "The Receipt Room", and upcoming talk show, "The Glow Up", Mariah continues to push boundaries in the media landscape. Mariah tells us at ONE33 Social all about confidence, dream-chasing, and being her own boss.

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Mariah, you are the epitome of a working mom, managing a successful career alongside family life. What is the secret to maintaining these two priorities?

The secret for me has always been understanding that family is first and making sure home is situated, so when I am working, I can put my best foot forward. I learned very early on as a working mom that it's okay to ask for help, so I've always built a great team around me and had a great support system. 

As the creator of "Married to Medicine," you played a pivotal role in bringing the show to fruition, and it took four years to pitch - how did you maintain the confidence to persevere?

During the years of pitching Married To Medicine there were a few times where the finish line seemed unobtainable, but my faith in the show outweighed my fear. I wholeheartedly believed in the concept, and I knew the world needed to see diverse families Married to the Medical field and the sacrifices that were being made by them & their families.

Your role as an Executive Producer on Bravo's "Married to Medicine" involves not only managing the show's content but also curating your own on-screen wardrobe. How do you approach styling for television, and what considerations do you take into account when selecting outfits for filming?

I approached style as it relates to television in the same way I do daily. I wanted my style to represent the woman I am in a current, unique but timeless way. The beauty of television is it's the biggest runway you could ever dream of, so work the runway you have in a BIG way or stay Home. You have to think Lights, cameras FASHION! Yaaassssss!

Please share what has drawn you to ONE33 Social for some of your special occasions.

I love ONE33 Social because I can consistently find a statement look for each and every occasion that's sure to turn heads. I love the fabrics, the quality and the cuts of the dresses. It's hard to find fashion forward, timeless looks that are well made with accurate sizing in today's market. 

Has fashion always played a significant role in your life? Is there a specific story from when you were young that describes your love of fashion?

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. In fact, I won best dressed my senior year in high school. My mom owned boutiques and she was always the epitome of style from head to toe! She always said when you look your best you do your best, so I've always believed in extra credit when it comes to Fashion!

You're not only involved in television production but also in entrepreneurship, with ventures like Jewel and Jem children's bedding & pajama line and the Sleek CoWork and Media Studio and Nutrition Brands. What inspired you to be such a go-getter?

My Family is my inspiration. I teach my kids to speak it, believe it & achieve it and I'm trying to set an example and to do the same in multiple arenas. 

Describe what it means for you to be able to be your own boss.

Being your own boss means being creative, independent and the ability to have a level of autonomy to cultivate your own dreams into the reality of your own business. More importantly, it means leaving your mark on the world and leaving a legacy for those you love!

You clearly do it all! It is commonly said to "follow your dreams" – tell us your secret to making those dreams a reality.

The secret for me has always been my passion, work ethic, resilience and the ability to pivot and "PUSH THRU" no matter what comes my way! 

Being a former news anchor and producer, you have a consistent background in media. What lures you to the media industry, and what do you enjoy most about it? 

I've always had a huge personality and just always knew I was born to shine. The cameras always seem to find me or me them… LOL…If you know you know! 

Looking back on your journey, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Trust your discernment and never forget to enjoy the journey while headed to the destination!