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Elevate Your Style: Introducing ONE33 Social's Mercer Cocktail Dress Collection

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The Mercer | Black Ruched Cocktail Dress

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The Viral Mercer Gown now in Cocktail Length!


Step into the spotlight with the newly unveiled cocktail versions of our best-selling Mercer gown, exclusively by ONE33 Social – where contemporary elegance meets enduring style. This collection celebrates the evolution of our iconic Mercer gown, reimagined in cocktail-length designs that maintain the prestige and allure of the original. Available in a spectrum of colors and fabrics, each dress retains the hallmark pleated taffeta ruffle detail, synonymous with the Mercer name.


Why the Cocktail Mercer from ONE33 Social Stands Out:


  1. Refined Craftsmanship: Imbued with the essence of high-end fashion dedication, ONE33 Social introduces the cocktail Mercer with unparalleled craftsmanship, bringing designer quality within your reach.

  2. Enhanced, Flattering Designs: Each cocktail Mercer is sculpted to perfection, featuring our distinctive cascading pleated taffeta ruffle that promises to flatter and frame your silhouette, empowering your confidence and elegance.

  3. Unrivaled Comfort: Meticulously crafted from ultra-stretch fabrics, these cocktail dresses offer unmatched comfort. Savor every moment of your evening— from the first toast to the last dance— with grace and ease.

  4. Versatile Glamour: The cocktail Mercer is a versatile masterpiece in your wardrobe, promising to keep you in vogue at various occasions with its timeless allure and stylish sophistication.

  5. Fast & Free Shipping for Unforgettable Evenings: Effortlessly secure your cocktail Mercer with our reliable, swift shipping service, ensuring you are impeccably dressed for your next significant event. Make a lasting impression with confidence and charm in a ONE33 Social cocktail dress.


Discover the cocktail dress revolution with ONE33 Social’s cocktail Mercer collection. Join our esteemed community that celebrates sophisticated fashion, inclusivity, and the joy of embodying beauty inside out. Each dress from our collection is a testament to our commitment to empowering women to shine brightly, exuding unwavering confidence at every social engagement.


Celebrate with ONE33 Social, where glamour meets functionality without compromise. These cocktail-length Mercer gowns await to accompany you through memorable nights filled with elegance and allure.


Embrace this exclusive collection, and let the cocktail Mercer gown by ONE33 Social enrich your social tapestry with style, making every occasion a moment to remember.