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Teddi Lightman

Teddi Lightman

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Teddi Lightman, the CEO and founder of Rae of Light. With more than a decade of experience in the retail industry, Teddi established a brand that offers affordable handbags, allowing customers to personalize and customize their own unique designs.

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Teddi Lightman
How did you come up with the idea behind Rae of Light?

After getting engaged in 2017, I was on a mission to find a unique gift for my bridesmaids. When I couldn’t find something memorable yet affordable, I took matters into my own hands … using my background in fashion, I sourced and created the perfect one-of-a-kind acrylic clutch – and my bridesmaids … were thrilled.

Right away I realized – I was onto something. I started a side-hustle out of my small apartment creating bags for family and friends.
When I was laid off from my day job in 2018, I was devastated but saw a silver lining – the opportunity to develop and grow my handbag company full time.
In July 2018, I officially launched “Rae of Light” a customizable accessories company that specializes in perfect gifts for all occasions.

What is the most difficult thing about running your own company and why?

Constantly juggling so many roles!

What's your go-to bag from Rae of Light's current collection, and what do you typically carry in it? 

I love our custom bags in a black marble with a glitter writing. Its classic and timeless. I usually keep it simple and carry my phone a lipgloss and my credit card.

Teddi Lightman
What advice would you give other pregnant women about event dressing and/or styling tips?

SHOW OFF YOUR BELLY! It is the one time in your life you will have a baby bump so embrace it! Wear tight fitted clothing or cute sundresses to accentuate your bump. I also say invest in some really great white tees, black leggings and a jumpsuit that you can wear throughout the 40 weeks over and over again :)

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

My personal style is a perfect blend of classic and timeless elements with a touch of trendiness. I also enjoy incorporating the latest trends to keep my look fresh and up to date.

What advice would you give to someone looking to enhance their personal style?

It takes time to find your personal style! I think it's important to be confident and unique. Don’t always look at what other people are wearing. If you love something rock it!

How do you stay true to your taste and individuality while keeping up with the ever-changing trend cycle?

In my wardrobe I always have timeless pieces that never go out of style. Crisp white tees, tailored blazers, little black dress and a classic flat. I think when you have the basics it makes it easier to add in the trends with it.

When it comes to accessorizing, what are your expert styling tips and tricks that can elevate any outfit? 

I love a chunky earring - my recent favorites are Jennifer Fisher and of course a fun handbag from Rae of Light! Keep your outfit simple and add a fun colored acrylic bag with your name or nickname on it!

What is your approach to planning for a healthy work-life balance with the arrival of your new baby? Balancing the responsibilities of owning a business while being present for your family is a genuine challenge that many women, including our founders, have had to confront.

Right now I have a really hard time taking a break from my work. So I am going to try to take a step back and spend time with my family more during the week. My daughter is going to school in the Fall so hopefully that will let me spend time with my new addition and soak up all of the snuggles during newborn life.

Teddi Lightman
As a successful female founder, can you share your personal journey and any insights for aspiring women entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Being a women small business owner is an incredible yet challenging journey. I have learned that not every day is perfect or successful and opportunities come and go. I have learned to approach each day with cautious optimism. It has taught me resilience and adaptability. I have learned that setbacks are opportunities for growth.

Are there any exciting collaborations or projects on the horizon for Rae of Light that you can share with us?

We are always working on new collaborations - cant wait to share what is coming this fall!