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Sandra Campos

Sandra Campos

Sandra Campos is a Board Member, 3x CEO, 2x entrepreneur, and advisor. Throughout her career, she has built global lifestyle brands and has been instrumental in turnarounds, digital transformations, innovative marketing campaigns, and international expansion.
You’ve been a CEO in fashion and retail during some of the great years and some challenging years. How are you feeling about the current landscape?

Retail changes as often as consumers and cultural trends evolve. The pandemic brought a seismic shift, some of which have become permanent changes. Things like supply chain and the need to have production closer to the consumer; or the technology needed to ship from stores and get product to customers in the same day. Micro fulfillment wasn’t even a conversation three years ago. Consumer expectations have changed and therefore businesses have to adapt. I am excited, however, about the trends towards personalization and localization. Small businesses are burgeoning everywhere and it’s so exciting to see cities like Charleston, Austin, Atlanta, Santa Fe, Little Rock and Nashville become hotbeds for experiential retail and technology. I love seeing innovation around the country!


Having worked with some of the best designers in fashion, do they all have something in common?

The creatives I have worked for - Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenberg are all visionaries who know deeply who they are as a brand. In my opinion, the power of their brand and the consistency with which those organizations have protected their intellectual property is what has created icons and industry legends.


With all of your career experiences, what has been the highlight so far?

Wow, there have been a lot of highlights and I look back at every role with a lot of positive emotions. If I had to say which role taught me the most, it would be my time as an entrepreneur. Along with my business partner, Tony Melillo, we created the first celebrity teen brand management company and established a really incredible brand for Selena Gomez. We took a bet on her and were willing to believe in her commercial appeal when she was just 15-years-old. It was instinct, hard work, and luck.


There’s a lot of discussion around mental health for this generation. Should we be talking about how to improve “balance” for working moms?

This will be a never-ending discussion. It’s difficult trying to “do it all” and I’ve never believed in having it all at the same time. In my experience, you can have balance some days and other days not at all. But the sheer definition of balance is completely up to the individual. I personally love to work and to build businesses so “work” is more often fun for me.



As an advisor to entrepreneurs and founders, what do you find is different about doing business today versus what it was even five years ago?

Businesses are more complicated today and it’s much more competitive. Digital commerce, social media, omnichannel logistics, investor expectations and so much more. A leader is no longer just running a business - they’re more responsible for their company’s purpose translating to their employees as well as their customers, managing responses to social and political issues, ESG prioritization, on and on. The opportunities still exist to execute on a great idea, but there are more obstacles that can get in the way.


What do you love about dresses as a wardrobe staple?

I love the ease and convenience of a dress. Whether it’s a DVF classic or a One33Social event dress, it doesn’t require much thought. It’s easy to look pulled together for any event.


We hear you have drawers of beauty products… is there one go-to brand or many?

I’m a marketer’s dream! I get sucked in to every ad and try anything new. I have some staple skin care from Bubble beauty and Obagi as well as Augustine Bader’s The Rich Cream and Mario Badescu olive oil eye cream. I try other brands for certain specific things like Sio Beauty anti-wrinkle patches. I recently bought True Botanicals and am trying that serum at night.


You travel a lot for work. How do you pack for trips?

As lightly as possible! I never take more than a carry on, even for an international 10 day trip. I try to have interchangeable outfits so it isn’t always the same look but rather the same pieces in different looks.


How do you fight jet lag?

I have one rule I follow: get on the time zone for my end location as soon as I get on the plane. It has never failed me.


How often do you shop online versus in store?

I rarely shop in store these days… and I shop online multiple times per week. I like window shopping and keep a lot of tabs open once I decide on a certain style or trend and have found the item I think will look best on me. I’m obsessed with midi dresses that are easy and forgiving but i oftentimes have to get a second opinion because sometimes I end up trying something bold because it looks good on the photo but in reality isn’t my personality or overwhelms me.


Favorite quote?

“girls cannot be what they don’t see.” As a first generation raised by Mexican immigrants, I’m passionate about ensuring the next generation has mentors, coaches, sponsors and that I share my resources, connections, and opportunities to help create more equity for women of color.