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Georgianne Ocasio

Georgianne Ocasio

You started your career at NBC and then came back years later to NBCUniversal Telemundo, based in Miami. What do you love the most about working at the company? 

    I feel so fortunate to work for a company that has such a wide reach and that aims to improve the lives of the communities it serves. In particular, I love that I get a chance to shine a light on Latina success stories and show the impact that Hispanics have in all sectors of our society.


    You’ve worked closely with the “Unstoppable Women” initiative. Can you tell us more about this and what you hope it will accomplish? Where can we learn more about it

    Unstoppable Women or Mujeres Imparables, the brainchild of Mónica Gil, our Chief Administrative and Marketing Officer, aims to champion the advancement of women in the workplace and beyond by highlighting the amazing feats that Latinas achieve every day. We share Latina success stories, advancement resources, studies and plenty of inspiration. For more you can find us on IG @mujeresimparables or at

    Of the Latinas you’ve profiled for this series, are there any stories that have resonated that you can share? 

    There are so many! A few that come to mind are Nonny de la Peña, known as the Godmother of Augmented Reality, Commander Erika de la Parra, who is in the US Navy JAG Corp and a mother of 2, there’s deaf actress, Stephanie Nogueras, an OB-GYN and two-time cancer survivor, Dr. Annie Vaillant, there is Prof. Marisol Capellán, who went from being practically homeless to having a PhD, all the writers, advocates, mothers, nurses….I could go on!

    You spend a lot of your time championing and advancing other women. What drives that passion?

      I hope to help create more connections and opportunities for them, I want to get more people in their corner cheering out loud, and give them a small moment of recognition so they know they are seen and heard. But truly, what I really want is for everyone to feel the goosebumps I get when I hear their amazing stories, so they are reminded that they too can take their next step, whatever that may be.


      What are some of the key takeaways from the Latinas Pulse poll that you were a part of earlier this year?

        What always impresses me is the resiliency, how Latinas can face the toughest challenges, yet are the first to stand up, always finding new ways to power forward. In this last survey an interesting fact was that despite being the largest minority in the workforce and the group leading business creation, Latinas really want to do more. A staggering 81% stated that they are not satisfied with the pace of their career growth, and 72% say they want more opportunities for advancement in their current jobs. That points to a large opportunity for companies to invest in Latinas and support their growth.



        What does your typical workday look like? 

          On a good day, I’ll get a workout in the morning, rush my 3 kids out to school, and then get to sit down at our headquarters in Telemundo Center surrounded by the amazing contagious energy of so many creative, passionate and hard-working colleagues. Dashing between in person and virtual meetings, lots of cafecitos, desk lunches, team huddles, onsite events and back home to corral the troops. I usually end my day streaming new shows while wrapping up the unfinished emails to make sure the next day starts off right.


          You get invited to a lot of events throughout the year — how do you define your style? Do you have any favorite styling tips that have helped you save time when transitioning from day to evening looks?

          I tend to favor a colorful, sleek style. I love unique tailored pieces, mixing things up, and playing with my accessories. In Miami - and my office in particular- people have a talent for being event ready right out of bed so I try to keep up! If I have to go straight to an event, I will most likely wear a blazer over an evening look to make that quick change. A good tip I learned is to keep a small purse in your larger work bag so you can downsize and network comfortably.


          Since you live in one of the coolest and most popular destinations, what are some of your favorite  must-visit spots in South Florida?

            The beach is my happy place, but on land I’d recommend Upper Buena Vista for some unique and creative outdoor shops and cafés to discover. In Wynwood you’ll find cool, fun, artsy spots and streets to explore. For some refreshing Mediterranean food, check out Mandolin and if you’re with a big group that can’t make up their mind, Shoma Bazaar has something for all.


            Three words that define who you are:

              Relentless, Reliable & Resourceful.