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Genesis Suero

Genesis Suero

 Génesis Suero is a successful television personality and property expert who helps buyers and sellers throughout New York City achieve their real estate dreams. She was one of the first Dominican immigrants to win the title of Miss New York USA in 2018. She has since joined Telemundo's "En Casa Con Telemundo" as a correspondent focusing on stories and interviews in and around New York.
You immigrated to NYC from the Dominican Republic when you were just 13 years old. How did you make that choice?

At the age of 13, I didn’t make this choice, but my father did. He made the choice to bring me to America to have a better future.

Tell us about your High School days - what were your goals during those years?

My goal during those three years of high school was to work hard enough to bring my mother to America.

You were crowned Miss New York USA in 2018. How did you get involved with pageants?

 As a Latina, I always dreamed of going to the Miss Universe pageant because "it is our Super Bowl," and this dream led me to enter the Miss New York USA Pageant.

What was your favorite part of that year representing New York? What was your typical day like?

My favorite part was connecting with the community on a more personal level, as well as representing the state that has given me so much over the last 17 years. I paused my schooling for one semester because I had to use that time to train for Miss USA, but my daily routines remained the same: I would go to work, the gym, have pageant training, do my charity, and spend time with the family. I am a woman who tries to always maximize the day.

You recently became a real estate agent and are working with the famous Team Serhant. What excites you most about this work?

I have been doing real estate for four and a half years, and it is very exciting to work at Serhant continuously helping people make one of the biggest life decisions. Being part of the Lundgren team and learning from everyone excites me the most.

Since you’re on your feet most days, what are your favorite shoes? Are you able to walk in heels, or do you always have a pair of flats in your bag?

Hahaha, I love this question; I love Chanel, Christian Louboutin, YSL, Manolo, and others. And of course, although I am a pro at walking in heels, I always carry some flats in my bag.

Growing up in the Caribbean, what is your favorite type of vacation now that you live between New York City and Miami?

People think I am crazy when I say I was born in the Dominican Republic, and I love winter vacations. But hey, a warm vacation can do it too!

As a reporter for Telemundo, you get to meet many different types of people. How do you get prepared for those in person interviews?

For this job, I am constantly reading and researching what is going on around me and in the world; this is how I prepare and stay up to date throughout the day. I stay educated and informed.

What are the qualities someone should have if they want to be a reporter on TV?

For someone who wants to be a reporter, they must always remain enthusiastic about their job, be passionate, have investigative, writing, and oral skills, but overall be their authentic selves because nobody is perfect and people love to see someone on their screen who they can connect with.

You went viral last May during the Met Gala when you were dressed in a gold dress that looked like a Disney princess. Whose dress did you wear?

I wore Dominican designer Lucia Rodriguez; it took 3 days to be made and 5 hours to get ready. The best thing that came out of that was the feeling that I went viral for the right reasons ( my work and who I am) and that I am an immigrant woman who is breaking barriers and going the extra mile for whatever dreams she has in life and to inspire other women like her.

What is the best piece of advice your mother has ever given you?

The best piece of advice my mother has ever given me is, "My time was yesterday, yours is today."  

What’s your favorite quote that you live by?

My favorite quote that I live by is "Listen to understand, not to respond."