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Alexa Persico

Alexa Persico

Alexa Persico is the CEO & Founder of Alexa Persico Cosmetics. Since founding the company, the brand has had multiple products go viral on Social Media. Alexa started her makeup journey as a freelance makeup artist in New York City. At the young age of 17, Alexa turned her focus into creating her own brand, designed to give all women access to cruelty free makeup that enhances their natural beauty.
There aren’t many people who are fortunate enough to have a successful business with their name on the door AND you started your brand at the age of 17. Did you launch your cosmetics line right away or did you spend time learning the industry?

It was a decision I made during my senior year of high school. All of my friends were applying for colleges but I knew in my heart I had to follow my own path which was creating my brand. I began researching cosmetic labs soon after I graduated high school and began the journey!

It’s pretty impressive that you had so much talent and drive at such a young age. As you look back, what would you tell your younger self about the entrepreneurial journey?

Enjoy the journey! I was always fixated on the next milestone or goal post. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment. Second, would be to learn to say NO! Simple as that, not every opportunity is for you, if one door closes another will open.

How did you develop your signature style that has established such a strong community in a sea of competitive beauty brands?

From the very beginning the brand was built on developing high-quality products that require minimal effort yet deliver maximum results. Being a makeup artist and working with so many different skin types helped me understand what was missing in the market, which helped me with the formula development of so many of our products.

Has the beauty business gotten harder or easier over the past ten years?

The makeup industry is an ever-changing market, similar to fashion. It has for sure gotten harder especially for newer and upcoming brands to break through into the market. The cosmetics world has exploded with so much competition, so it's definitely tough for anyone starting out in 2023.

Beauty is an expression of…

your inner self!

As a beauty brand female founder, is there one “essential” that you carry in your bag at all times?

My skin is prone to getting dry so I always make sure I have our “Brighten Me Baby” mist on hand in my purse! Just a few spritzes and my skin is hydrated and glowy.

Did you ever feel under appreciated as a young Beauty brand founder? Did you have to raise capital or have you financed the business on its own?

When I first started my brand there were definitely challenges because not everyone took me seriously. Finding manufacturers who would be willing to work with an unknown, one-woman startup was probably the hardest part of starting out. Once I got my foot in the door and found manufacturers I trusted, everything fell into place. I have been self-funded since the very beginning, I started with the entirety of my life savings and used it to create our first formula: Lip Velour™ our high shine non sticky gloss. I took a big risk that ended up being the best decision I ever made.. that product is still our top best-seller to date.

What makes the Alexa Persico brand unique in the market? Who is your core customer?

Our core customer is a mix of busy women on the go, and the beauty enthusiast. The products we launch are very selective, we aren’t a brand that is going to launch 25 shades of lipstick at a time. Having experience as a makeup artist and working with so many different women I wanted to take the guesswork out and create smaller collections with colors I know truly work. The goal from day one was to create an easy lineup of multipurpose products that work across an array of skin tones.

What we really want to know…since you get recognized often in public, do you ever leave home without a full face of makeup on?

I love a full face of glam, but my go-to every day is usually a “no makeup” makeup look. Tinted moisturizer, mascara, some blush, and topping it off with our Brighten Me Baby Setting Mist!

Have you had a favorite “client” or “job“ experience to date”?

One of my favorites was when we launched the "Jessie Lip Kit” with Jessie James Decker. There was so much time leading up to the release of the product, Jessie and I had been working together for almost 2 years prior perfecting every detail of the kit before its first release. We put it up for sale and within 10 minutes we sold out of our entire stock.. (Which we were originally expecting to last us an entire year) It was such a rush and an amazing feeling to know that so many people were supporting the product, i'll never forget it!

How often do you attend social or professional events each week?

Networking is so important, especially in the beauty industry I have been lucky enough to build great relationships with other female founders and having those connections helps greatly in expanding the business into other avenues!

What is your favorite look when attending a luxurious event?

You can never go wrong with a classic gold and brown Smokey eye paired with a nude lip. That is usually my go-to for any event!

Do you have an easy tip that anyone can apply in meeting new people even though it might get tiring?

I love to keep roll-on peppermint oil in my purse! whenever I feel tired or overwhelmed I roll some on my wrists and its an instant pick me up!

If there’s one BEST SELLER in your makeup line that we all need to try, which is it?

Get on the “Brighten Me Baby” Glow Trend because who doesn’t want glowing skin!?

Do you even have time to host parties at home? Do you have a special playlist for those events?

I love spending time with family and friends and I also love to cook! My go-to playlist is usually a mix of 2000's throwbacks and some current pop/r&b hits.

Quick answers with dresses as the topic: Mini or Maxi?


Bright color or LBD?

Bright Color

Embellished or simple?


High neck or low neck?


Bodycon or A-line?


Name a favorite quote that inspires you.

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”