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To Dress Up or to Dress Down…

To Dress Up or to Dress Down…

The ONE33 Social Way


It’s Saturday. Brunch has rolled into the late hours of the afternoon, and before you know it, it’s time to high tail it to happy hour. Happy hour turns into dinner at the hottest new restaurant in town, turns into a few too many martinis, and the night ends as all nights should: on the dance floor. The big question is… how do you transform from day to night, without time for a proper wardrobe change? As fellow social butterflies, this is one of our favorite problems to have. We asked the founders how to style day to night looks, and they delivered! Want the founders to answer your questions next week? Shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

MEREDITH (27, New York City): I always have to go straight to my dinner dates from the office, and I’d rather not bring a change of clothes. How can I make my office outfits date appropriate? 

Great question! There are a few staple work-appropriate pieces we’d recommend wearing on a day you have to go straight from the office to a date (by the way, you go girl!). 

First is the little black dress. We love LBDs because they’re so versatile––there’s a reason everyone needs more than one in their closet. At the office, you can wear your favorite black dress with a blazer and sneakers. That way, you only have to pack a pair of heels, and you're good to go for Prince/Princess Charming. Of course, if your office necessitates heels to begin with, you won’t even need a change of shoes! If you want to make your little black dress even more daytime casual, we’d recommend pairing it with some fun and colorful accessories. We’re partial to ONE33 Social's signature little black dress, The Sandra. This sexy black cocktail dress has the perfect amount of detailing––it couldn’t be farther from plain-looking! 

For those of us who prefer a pop of color, any midi length cocktail dress will do the trick for transitioning from the office to a night out on the town. We also think our ONE33 Social green cocktail dress, The Kim, would be perfect for this scenario. 

Next up is the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are kind of our specialty at ONE33 Social. They’re comfortable, professional enough for bossing around the boardroom, and oh-so stylish for a first date. You’re a woman who takes charge––your dates should know that sooner rather than later ;) Jumpsuits go great with sensible shoes and blazers in the daytime––our signature sexy jumpsuit, The Kylie, is a wonderful option. The shoulder scarf gives you the perfect amount of dramatic flair, and it can always be tucked in during client meetings. But when the clock hits 5pm, feel free to show it off!

Remember, accessories and a change of shoes are your best friends. If you’re more of a pants kind of girl, we’d recommend adding a silk blouse to your wardrobe. You can easily pair it with slacks during the day, and jeans for those hot dates at night. Happy hunting!

LILIANA (32, Los Angeles): There’s nothing I hate more than having to leave plans early to get ready for my next set of plans. It always feels like such a waste of time, plus, I have to sit in double the traffic. How would you turn a casual day look into a night look? 

The key to solving a problem like this one is versatility––and always carrying extra layers in your car! First, you have to choose your base outfit. We love our ONE33 Social cocktail dresses for this reason––they serve as great jumping off points for those of us who like to take a more active role in styling our outfits. The Phoebe is a great example of a day-to-night dress––it’s filled with color and pairs well with a mimosa, and is short and sexy enough for any night out on the town.

So… what kind of accessories are we talking about? You live in Los Angeles, so you're familiar with day to night weather changes. You're going to want to choose your jackets wisely. For a daytime look, we love pairing our ONE33 Social cocktail dresses with denim jackets and three-quarter coats. And when the sun goes down, we never leave the house without a trusty leather jacket. Leather automatically makes an outfit more laid back and appropriate for whatever cool-girl plans you have on your agenda.

 Now, shoes. Loafers and sneakers pair well with daytime apparel, while heeled boots are our favorite sexy statement pieces at night. 

 And last but not least, jewelry. Chunky, more intricate pieces of jewelry are more appropriate for nighttime wear, whereas simpler, elegant pieces can go a long way during the day. We personally love swapping out our studs for dangly earrings.

 However you choose to accessorize, make sure to have fun! Maximalism is in this season, so the more layers the better. 

VERA (46, Atlanta): I’m more of a casual dresser, but whenever my friends and I go out to dinner, they complain that I’m not matching their energy, whatever that means. What is the difference between casual wear and formal wear? 

 We think that your friends should respect your unique sense of style! But there are certainly ways to stay comfortable while dressing up.

First, let’s tackle the main differences between casual wear and formal wear. Generally speaking, casual wear refers to athleisure, jeans, and t-shirts. These items are typically best for day-wear––maybe your friends would prefer it if you didn’t show up in jeans when they’re all wearing cocktail dresses. Formal wear is worn to fancier occasions––for example, you might be looking for a dress for a black tie event or gala, where it would even be appropriate to opt for a ball gown. 

When it comes to nicer dinners with your friends, there are ways to look elevated without feeling uncomfortable. At ONE33 Social, we pride ourselves on our luxe fabrics and ultra-breathable silhouettes. Most of our cocktail dresses have a decent amount of stretch to them. If you really want to impress your friends next time, we’d recommend our ONE33 Social stretch sequin cocktail dresses: the Daisy or the Laila, to name a few.


Our stretch sequins are SO comfortable that Meghan Trainor even wore one (The Sammi) to perform on Australian Idol… while 20 weeks pregnant! Yep, you heard that right. So if it’s comfortable enough for a pop-star expectant mother, you can be confident it’ll be comfortable enough for your average girls night out.